Building Up What The World Has Knocked Down:

"We were all given a specific path in life and it’s how you walk yours that defines you"

Welcome to Live, Love, Laugh, my blog of personal inspiration for women and girls all over the world!
I believe we can overcome anything that life thrown at us. I have personally overcome many obstacles and instead of taking the easy road and simply becoming a victim, I stood up, defied the odds and decided to use my life experiences for the better.

The mission of this blog is to inspire women and girls from all walks of life. The world is always telling us that we are not pretty enough, not thin enough and on top of this we are dealing with our own inner demons or perhaps there are other aspects of your life that help in lowering your self-esteem. With all this negativity nipping at our heels, we need to be our own biggest fans and build up what the world seems so focused on knocking down.

Though my life journey I have learned that through patience, self love, self discovery and self challenges, I can overcome anything, I can be anything and I will do anything. I can live, love and laugh at life’s lemons and instead make myself a nice cool glass of sweet lemonade! 

Nothing we truly want comes easy so if your come here looking for instant gratification or a quick remedy to your problems, I'm sorry to say that you’ve come to the wrong blog. Why would you value yourself so little that you wouldn’t want to take time to really understand what it is that you need, what it is that you’re missing or learn how you can truly overcome anything in your life?
Many women and girls I speak with seem to be lacking something very important but yet they don’t even realize that they have lowered their demand for self love or that they don't have any at all.  To me this it is very apparent because I have overcome self doubt, self hatred and really truly learned to love myself. 

I ask women and girls all over the world to step up to the challenge, start loving yourself and start kicking those self-esteem monsters where it hurts!

You cannot change those who are not ready to accept change or those who are not willing to change but the good news, you can change yourself! 

Challenge yourself, love yourself, demand love from others, live the life you dream and laugh whenever you can!