Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Challenges

Today’s challenges are focus on improving our health both mentally and physically.

We all have something going on in our lives that might be causing us to stress out, overeat or lay around all day instead of confronting our problems but none of these things are doing anything positive for our health and well being.  Have the courage to take these problems face on, stop worrying about what isn’t and focus on what is! Sometimes we get so caught up in the negative side of life that we tend to forget all the blessings God is giving us on a daily basis, so today try to do 2 things:

First, watch what you eat, our bodies are a gift from God and he commands that we treat them as a temple so why store a bunch of junk food in your holy temple? Push away your plate before you’re finished, no need to over-do it.  As a snack, eat a piece of fruit or veggies instead of those salty and calorie loaded potato chips or sugary cookies, your body will thank you later! 

Second, life is difficult enough so why are you being so hard on yourself. Examine your life and try to find at least 3 things that are causing you mental distress. Rather its problems in your marriage, problems at work, at school or with friends whatever, it doesn’t matter what it is just try to identify 3. (Writing them out often helps). Now for each item, try to figure out the first step to solving them. Notice I only said THE FIRST STEP. Starting small helps to better tackle a problem and puts your plan of action into perspective by setting and attainable realistic goals.

For example:
1). Trouble with teenage daughter – step 1: will spend more time together
2.) Boss hates me! - step 1. Suck it up but start looking for a new job
3.) Unhealthy family - step 1. Start preparing better meals, after dinner walks 
This is just a general example but it helps if you try to be as specific as possible with the problem you’re having, you can do this by digging deeper into the issues. This will also help you to understand what the root of your issues really is. Sometimes it may not be what you think, for example “Husband is always working, has no time for me” but by really digging deeper you might find you’re suffering from deep seeded thoughts that maybe he’s cheating and you’re afraid to face this so your using the blanket of him “working late” as the top layer issues.  Find the real problem, list it and them list your first plan of action!
So make your lists and also don’t forget the first part of the challenge to start eating healthier!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Life is hectic but I promise to update soon! (I PROMISE!!))

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Will Update Soon!

So I’ve been sitting here in front of my computer for a while freaking out because I have not updated my blog in a few days, unfortunately I have tons of work to do today so I know there’s no way I can really update the way I want to and still get my “9-5” work done. I kept trying to forget about  my blog but I couldn’t so I’m leaving this post to let you all know that I’ll have an update later this evening! Please check back later today for a very cool update!

Happy blogging! 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's Gonna Be A Lovely Day...

Happy Sunday lovelies,
I’ve been taking it a bit easy today that’s why I’m just not getting a post up here.  Its so beautiful today and anyone else having great weather should be out enjoying it!
I’m keeping this post short and sweet. I’ve updated two sections (Awaken Your Soul and Health & Wellness) of my blog so when you have time check them out, I’m sure you’ll find something useful in there!
 I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Check back soon for more updates!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunny Side Up....

Helen Keller once said,  Life is either a daring adventure or nothing!” Oh how true this is!! Do you live your life like it’s an adventure or like your just waiting for it to end… Ladies, do you realize how blessed you are each and every day when you open our eyes?  It’s a new opportunity to have another day to start over, to make new decisions, to make a difference to someone and to matter! I encounter people all the time that have something bad to say about everything,  It’s too cold outside!  Uggh, why did my day have to start off so bad?!” or “I hate my job so much!”

Look at things with new perspectives

Does this sound like you or someone you know? I have learned to see the beauty in life and I try my best to always look on the bright side because no matter how bad I may think things are, it could always be worse or I’m betting someone else has it rougher than me at that moment! Why not turn your complaints into compliments!
So it’s a little cold outside, well what a perfect opportunity to stay in and spend some time with your family or to relax and have some “me” time!  Your day started off bad, really, do I have to tell you how to turn this into a positive? So if it started off bad, well make sure it ends GREAT!! There are 24 hours in a day and maybe the first 3 or 4 didn’t go as you hoped but you still have plenty of time to turn the day around!  You hate your job? Who doesn’t but think about this, at least you have a job and can pay your bills, buy food and every now and then treat yourself to a cute pair of heels and as much as you may hate it, there has to be something you like about it, fins out what that is!
Never seeing the righter side of things will only make things harder for you, people won’t want to be around you because they’ll fear your rotten attitude toward life will bring them down and ruin a good time!
Ladies, now’s the time to step your game up! Every time you’re faced with negative thoughts about something, try to find at least 3 positive things about it and believe me, you’ll start to appreciate your life a little bit more! I have been living with this motto for a while and it completely turned my way of thinking upside down (in a good way)! I’m more in love with life and passionate about things, I see the bright side before the negativities have a chance to seeps in and when they do, I know how to counter them! This is your new challenge for today! 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Time to Start Living Your Dreams...

Happy Thursday Lovelies,

Today I have posted a new life challenge for you under the Awaken Your Soul tab at the top. It’s lengthy but well worth the read!

I will be posting more updates under the other sections as the week comes to an end!

Take the challenge, you're worth more than others tend to tell you!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Well, it’s been nearly a week since my last blog post and I promise I will try my best not to let that happen again.  I’ve been away on a sort of vacation and did not have access to my computer or the internet so that’s why I have not added any new content though I have certainly been receiving emails and getting feedback from many of you! (Thanks!) As mentioned in my last post this is a fairly new site with the main goal of inspiring and empowering women based on my own personal experiences so please believe me that when I get your comments and questions, I’ll do my very best to reply and post related content on one of the many pages of the site!

I did want to thank those of you for stopping by, joining and leaving your sweet comments and words and I wanted to also thank those of you who sent emails and questions! Since I’ve been away and today is really my first day back I have to get some personal work done so I won’t make this post long and I can’t do too many updates today but I promise tomorrow I’ll have more info and updates ready for you!

I really want to do my best to inspire and help as many of you as I can so bear with me through these early stages of the site because there will be great and exciting updates to come! I’m also working on a press release once the site is fully up and running so keep your eyes out for that as well!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Recently I've received a few emails from readers suggesting that I focus my blog on Inspiring and Empowering other women. I didn't really think that this was the right focus for my blog at this time but then I thought long and hard and reviewed my own life and the journey I have had.  I struggled with the idea of talking so freely about my personal experiences but then I was reminded of something that I've always wanted to do and that was to help people. I never knew how or to what extent I would do this, all I knew was that I had a desire and a passion to help in some kind of way.

Last night, I thought more about the idea of inspiring girls and women and empowering them to live their best life possible, "Could I do this, did I have what it took to help these ladies?"

Right now, I don't know but I really want to try and I'm willing to take this adventure head on. So within the next few days and weeks you will see changes and updates being made to my blog. I'll be focusing on topics that inspire and empower girls and women, I'll be providing personal development posts which will be largely based on my own life, lessons I've learned and research I've done or information I have obtained from professionals.

During my life I have overcome bulimia, depressions, abuse, suicidal thoughts/attempts and so many others issues. I was always ashamed to talk about these things mainly because people close to me made me feel ashamed but then I realized that I had overcame all of this for a reason, an important reason and I could use these experiences to help others realize that there is a rainbow at the end of every storm and a light after every dark day. Life can be inspiring and can be lived out in the best way possible!

Additional experience includes working within peer-groups or teens and young women to help support those who struggle with life and all it's pressures.

I believe all of this experience will aide me in my quest to help others.