Monday, September 26, 2011

Today's lesson is really about letting go, letting things happen and letting what will be, be... We all go through life analyzing every little thing, wondering about this and about that and constantly trying to change our situation, to change people around us and to change the outcome before it happens. We focus our time and attention no regretting things of the past and letting it interfere with our future or our current situation and really life is so simple, so very simple. But we as humans make things harder, more complicated and intricate. It's just our nature and our reality. Everything is amped up by 1000% these days, nothing is as it should be, nothing is natural. But I want to let you in on a secret that I have found on life's journey, things really can be as simple as they seem. No one wants to believe this so they twist and pull things in all different directions until what it has become is no longer what it was meant to be.

Why not just let it be; live a simple life, let go of the hurt, the regret of your past, knock on the doors and let opportunity lead the way! For we are not promised tomorrow so let today be your wonderland, enjoy the moments, the smells, the smiles and the laughs, the tears and the fears and see how much lighter your load becomes! Love life, simplified!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

This weekend had brought to thoughts to mind for me and its that people tend to be ungrateful, or actually I don't want to say ungrateful but I want to say they are so busy looking out at what others have that they don't realize what's right there in front of them, all the blessings that God has given them and I'm no stranger to this, we've all done it. We wake up each day, go about our day looking at what others have and are given and their opportunities yet never realize that God woke then up, filled their lungs with air, gave them good health, food for breakfast, a warm house and bed to sleep in. A family to spend time with, a job to make money and so many other things so small to realize! 

The message for this weekend is that God truly blesses us but we can't see past our own selfish desires to realize that somewhere in the world someone is homeless, sleeping in the cold, wet streets under a bridge, they went to sleep without a meal all day, their cloths are dirty and tattered.  They have no money or job; no family to spend time with and hardly any one will look them in the eye as they sit on the corner asking for your spare change!

How often do you thank God for all he has done for you? How often do you thank him for your family, job, car, health, home and spouse?  Or are you quicker to complain about these things?  The things we have, somewhere in the world, someone is lacking and could only dream of having! Try to be more thankful and less resentful!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Because they are always there for us, sometimes we take them for granted but NEVER, forget that no matter what your family will be there for you when all others have turned their back.

Family is one of the most important things that will we will ever encounter in our lives. love those around you, spend time with the older generation for they have gems of knowledge to share with you, don't forget about the youth of the family for they will someday be the head of the house hold!

Monday, September 05, 2011

Simple message for today: God brought them to you for a reason! Pay attention, Learn from the pain, the laughter, the tears, the coffee meetings and everything in between.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

I read this on Facebook today and loved it so much that I had to share with all of you!

"Peter had a temper, David had an affair, Noah got drunk, Jonah ran from God, Paul committed murder, Gideon was insecure, Miriam gossiped, Martha worried, Thomas doubted, Sara was impatient, Elijah was moody, Moses stuttered, Zacchaeus was short, Abraham was old, and Lazarus was dead.... God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the CALLED! Re-post this if you know you are NOT perfect but that God is working in your life anyway!"
Sometimes we can't get past our shortcoming to realize that God has a pan and a purpose for us. He made you, He knew you long before you were even born and He knew what you would do before you ever even thought of it so though right now your life may be in shambles and you may be a big mess, God had that in his plans for His bigger plan!