Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wow, I have been away for so long! I'm sorry! Today's Inspiration:

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers day to all Women and to those Men who serve as both Mother and Father in the home!

"Mother is the name of god on the lips and hearts of all children"
 - Brandon Lee "The Crow"   

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dream Big enough to be afraid but small enough to accomplish! My dreams are so big that sometimes I don't even know where to start, but one thing I know, God will make a way! 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Month of March "Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 15:

Final "Prompt Me" Photo Day 15: 

Wow, this is is, our last photo prompt! After so many prompts, you should be ready for this last one! I'm going to keep it short and sweet and not too wordy but you know writers, we love to talk and write!

So take some time to reflect over these last 15 days or if you did the journey over your own time frame which I suspect most of you are. Not all of these tasks can be completed with one day's notice! It may take months or even a year but I would recommend you do complete them.

The last and final "Prompt Me" Photo is to learn how to live life with an attitude that says you love life and all that is has to offer!  This may be difficult because it requires you to let go of hold hang-ups, relinquish your fears and often to step out on a  ledge, to share your thoughts, open your heart and express your emotions, understand that its not always important to win every argument, fight or bicker but that forgiveness is far greater a trait. Far too many of us would rather bottle every life's difficulties, yell and scream until we get our way and then go to bed mad! 

You may need some time and practice with this one but by make small changes to your perspective on life and how you choose to live it, you will discover that life can be grand, smiles come by the millions and the best things in life are free! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Month of March "Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 14:

"Prompt Me" Photos Day 14:

So we are nearing the final days of our journey together and it has been a wonderful ride for me and I hope for you a well! I've learned somethings about myself and explored ares that I had forgotten all about! I've walked narrow paths, seen the beauty in life and hugged my dog every day just to show her I appreciate her devotion and love for me! This has been one heck of a trip, one that I don't plan to forget anytime soon!

Feel free to share your stories and adventures as well as your downfalls and how you overcame them here!

Today's prompt is another learning adventure! I have always wanted to learn yoga so I started taking yoga classes! It was something that was hard for me to do at first because I fear failure which is why it's taken me over a decade to actually sit down and write a novel! 

Attempting to take a class or learning how to do something that you have been too frightened to do will mean more to you than actually accomplishing it, though I fully promote you sticking with it and not giving up! What I mean by just attempting it is that we all have those things in our lives that we wonder "what if" about, so find one of those things and cross it off your list. What if I learned to speak Spanish, what if I had never given up gymnastics, what if I quit my job and started a catering company? These are things that people who never try will always wonder about so don't be a wanderer... Get out there and see just what it's like! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Month of March "Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 13:

"Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 13:

After such a bold move in the last prompt me photo, I think today's prompt will be simple.

So Today's "Prompt Me" Photo Journey is to enjoy the little things in life.  As much as a cliché as it may be, stop and smell the roses, take a walk and notice the city and all it has to offer. Cherish an embrace of a loved one, sleep in a few extra minutes in the weekends. Notice how much your dog misses you even after you've left her alone all day! Feel the sun warm your face; savor that hot cup of tea, coffee or coco.  Life is made up of a series of moments, some good, and some bad but within each moment, there is something to cherish, notice and applaud.

“It’s the little things that make the bigger things matter”. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Month of March "Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 12:

"Prompt Me" Photo Journy Day 12:

Well so far we have cooked a great meal, started a hobby, got a pet, started reading a new book, planned a brunch with friends, spend the day by ourselves, took a new path and so much more so I hope you’re ready for Day 12's prompt!

With so much you're probably what else can I possibly try or add to my life but admit it, all these new adventures are exciting and somewhere along the way, you've learned something new, told a friend about this journey or have found out what you do and/or don't like! The purpose of this journey is not just to find out more about yourself but also to pick up at least one of these prompts and start doing it long term whether it be cooking dinner a few nights a week, taking an art class over the summer, adapting a pet or whatever, I really hope that your able to continue some part of this journey for the long run!

So without further ado... "Prompt Me" Day 12 is going to be a bit of a challenge for some of you but I'm sure that with a bit of self encouragement you can do it! Today's prompt is to wear something that you've wanted to wear but have not had to guts to do. Please, please don't get fired for wearing a see-through blouse to work or even worse showing up in Economic class in stripper boots and a too low cut dress!

We all have something in our closets that we saw and then bought with every intention of wearing but as time passed, we were never able to find the right occasion, event or time of day to actually wear it so now it just sits in the closet ever hopeful that one day you will finally say "today is your day!"  So why not go for it! Wear that bright red dress to lunch or pull out these sparkly shoes and wear them with an all black suite or skirt and blouse.  No matter what it is, today you will have to guts to pull it off and not care what anyone thinks! Chances are, you'll receive tons of complements!  

Month of March "Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 11:

 "Prompt Me" Journey Day 11

Make sure your keeping your eyes out for a great plan to add to your home or office space!  This next prompt is actually really easy and kind of fun!

"Prompt Me" Photo Journey: 

Ever pass by that cafe with all those pastries and wish that you could go off your never ending diet and try one? Or are you in too much of a rush to stop in a grab something? Well this prompt will not only allow you to do this but will also suggest that you get one for someone else as a thoughtful act for the day! So here's the skinny on this prompt. On Valentine’s Day I decided to stop by Dunkin Donuts and pick up 3 dozen donuts for my coworkers as a way to cheer them up and show how much I appreciate them!  It really seemed to make everyone's morning and I received tons of emails of thanks and gratitude for my thoughtfulness. I even cut one in half and shared it with another co-worker who was on a diet so I was able to enjoy the sweet treats along with everyone else. 

If 3 dozen donuts seem a bit pricey, don't fret! How about on your way to the office or to school stop in a grab something for you and for someone who is always there for you or who seems to brighten your day! Believe me this simple act will mean more to them then giving them money! 

People like to know that others care and acknowledged them and their efforts so this prompt will not only bring you happiness but will bring a bit to another person as well! What could be better! 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Month of March "Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 10:

Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 10: 

If your still following along then first Congrats to you for sticking with the journey! Out last photo prompt was one of sweet goodness!  So now were going to take a different look at life and head towards a path that involves future planning!

Today's photo prompt is all about putting something on the calendar and actually getting it done and I don't mean your taxes or going to the dentist for a checkup which by the way, I'm over due for! Nope, what I'm talking about is putting something on your calendar that you have been meaning to do like visit the space needle, spend the weekend at that quaint little bed and breakfast not too far from that cure little cafe you'd love to stop in or maybe taking that all girls weekend trip to Vegas and taking a spa day. Even applying to that University that you'd love to attend or applying to your dream job, all these things count! Whatever it is, stop daydreaming about it and start taking steps towards actually getting there. For me, I have been dreaming for over 10 years about writing a book and becoming a legit writer but I always put it on the back burner for life's other demands. If I could start all over again, I wouldn't wait, I'd do it now

Fear sometimes paralyses us and makes us turn away from our dreams, I dear you to confront them and grab the bull by the horns! 

Friday, March 09, 2012

Month of March "Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 9:

"Prompt Me" Photo Journey - Day 9:

This journey has taken us up  all sorts of interesting hills and allowed us to defeat battles within and around our current self's and in our lives, but all for the good! I'm right there with you taking every prompt as seriously as I hope you are! It's inspiring to know we are not alone and we can depend on each other, you can post your stories, share your insights and lessons learned along the way, that's what I'm here for! So your last prompt was sorta fun and since I just posted it yesterday I don't expect that you all have been able to complete this already but when you do, here's a tip! Combine the prompt to from a few weeks ago and try cooking something for your guests if your hosting a brunch/lunch/dinner at your home!

That takes care of 2 prompts at once and if it turns out badly, just let them know your on a journey and this was one of the tasks assigned, feel free to pull up my site and show them for proof! They'll totally let it slide and you'll be off the hook! But let's hope for the best and assume that if you do cook, and that everything will be fabulous!

Today's promote is to Go Green and just in time for St. Patty' Day next week!   Plant a tree or even better, go out and pick up a small household plant to place in your room, kitchen office or anywhere you'd like.  Not only do plants provide fresh oxygen but they liven up a dull desk or work space. I have 2 plants on my desk at work. Just their presence makes me feel so much better during a long and hectic day! If you don't have a place at home or the office for your plant then here's an idea, locate a nearby park or space that has trees and plants and try to visit this space each day. In a study,  residents of a high rise apartment building with a view of greenery reported a higher feeling of overall happiness and satisfaction in life and in their place of residence whereas residences with no view or a view of other buildings reported feeling a lower quality in life.  How interesting is that! We are all part of nature and it helps us improve our moods and feelings!

"Plants don't take as much efforts to keep alive as pets do so why not shot for a Bamboo or bonsai tree!"

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Month of March "Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 8:

“Prompt Me” Photo Journey - Day 8:

We've been on this journey together for 8 days now and though that might not seem like a long time, it’s been long enough to at least discover 1 thing about yourself!  If you need to start over or redo a prompt day, that's fine and great!  Challenging yourself will be a lesson in itself!  And remember that my photo prompts can be interpreted anyway you'd like!  Take my suggestions or go another route, the important thing is to use the photos provided to promote some sort of change in your life!

Today's photo prompt is to plan a brunch or lunch with friends, family or co-workers!  Now that you've had time alone, go spend some much needed time with your loved one or those you can at least stand!  Talking and eating are wonderful but doing them together with people who make us laugh makes it all worth it! So your task for today is to plan a brunch, lunch, dinner or cocktail or afternoon tea meet-up! 

I have a friend who plans a monthly brunch at her home and invite all her close friends and family, the only stipulation was that each person had to agree to bring one thing and they all gathered in the kitchen, cooked, drink a bit a wine and laughed... It often times tuned into an all day event but no need to go that far unless you’re having too much fun to stop!  If you live in a dorm or in a small place then just call ahead and reserve a table for brunch!  

“Spending time with others create laughter and joy! Enjoy those who love you and love them back!”

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Month of March "Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 7:

“Prompt Me” Photos Day 7:

Still hearing raves about that home cooked meal you made! Great because this journey is meant to take you to places you never thought you'd venture into, like the kitchen!! Maybe you found a joy in the time you spent cooking and now you want to cook 3 times a week or maybe you almost burned the house down and will never cook again but look at it this way, you have a great story to tell at parties and you can now say that you've made a home cooked meal so your two for two! That's what all of this is about, figuring out what clicks and sticks and what brings out the worst in you! We don't often know ourselves as much as we'd like to think we do!

Today's "Prompt Me" photo is to spend the day with yourself!  Boring you say? Well maybe you’re a people person and you love to be with others but let me tell you something, spending time along is really the only way you will ever get to know who you are and what you like, it’s very therapeutic for the soul! People are great and it's nice to have friends and family to spend time with but if you're never really by yourself, how do you know if you really like going bowling or hitting up that Greek spot you always meet your friends at? Maybe you’re doing it because everyone else thought it would be fun so tot be agreeable you just went along with the crowd. Time spend alone is valuable and teaches us how to make decisions on our own about the things that most make us happy! 

If you have a family or children and find it difficult to find time alone then create a time at night when you require 30 minutes of "me time" tell your family that you need this time and ask that they be understanding, if they love you, they will. If you’re a working single parent and this is out of the question, then how about instead of going to lunch with the girls/guys, go by yourself, take a book along or just go and linger, think quietly and eat in peace! 

“It's a mini vacation away from your life, responsibilities and will allow you to feel refreshed!”

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Month of March "Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 6:

"Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 6:

Excited to see what new journey you'll be taking today? Well, this entire process is learning more about yourself and what you want to do, what makes you happy and what you may not like. Life has an interesting way of making us think that the life we're living is the life we want but that's only because we may just be so sue to the routine of it that we never really stopped to consider if we're actually happy!? Humans by nature need structure and a set pattern but that does not mean that we can't change and add to that routine! I personally hate routines and need change in order to fully be happy which is why I created this project, I know I'm not alone in this hate for change so I wanted to get you all thinking about your own lives and how you could change things and make existence that much better!

Today's "Prompt Me" photo is to cook a great meal! Don't worry if it’s just you who will be eating it, that doesn't matter, all that matters is that you’re not ordering take-out or popping a microwave dinner in! Coking can stimulate your soul and help to release stress and aids in the creative process. We as Americans eat out far too often, New Yorker's use their stoves as a storage location for crying out loud! I'm guilty of it myself, popping in a quick meal in the microwave while I do ten others things is just not healthy!  If you don't know how to cook, don't stress, there are way too many easy and quick recipes online and in magazines these days so start with something simple like Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo or a great grilled cheese sandwich with Goat cheese avocados and bacon! 

“Eating is a joy, sharing a home cooked meal with the ones you love creates a whole new experience that you can't get while ordering take-out and eating in front of the TV!”

Monday, March 05, 2012

Month of March "Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 5:

"Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 5:

Wow, were moving right along in our "Prompt Me" Photo Journey". Yesterday you were given a photo that should have helped prompt a more organized you or at least helped you to redecorate/reorganize a space or room in your home or at work. I cleared away a clutter of papers at my office and then cleaned my home office and donated 20 books to Goodwill! I felt so much better seeing all that freed up space and my desk at work does not feel so closed in now that I organized my papers and files!

Today's "Prompt Me" photo is to pick up a new hobby or to try something that you've always told yourself you'd but never had the time! Take a photography class, start scrap-booking, sign up for a yoga or workout class and actually go! Or take an evening acting or cooking class! If your schedule or family time does not allow for this then why not just take 1 hour each weekend and do something that you want to do like take a walk with your camera and snap photos as you go, or remember that blank journal you purchased 3 months ago with every intention to write in it? Well, what's stopping you?  This prompt is dedicated to helping you do 1 thing that you've wanted to do but for one reason or another have put it off! 

Take time for yourself and discover something that you didn't know!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Month of March "Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 4:

"Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 4:

I hope your path took you on a great journey and you were able to discover something new and exciting! Sometimes by trying something new, we find treasure that we never thought we would! Secret, special treasures that touch our hearts and minds! 

Today's Photo Prompt is to get organized or redecorate a room or just a small space in your home! Physical organization helps to clear out mental clutter. Seeing a clean space can promote clearer thoughts in general. If you don't have a specific room that you can organize or redecorate then just rearrange your desk, your bookshelf, your photo album or your bathroom closet! 

 "Create a space that draws you in and makes you want to spend more time there!" 

Remember you can take my suggestions or come up with some of your own! Share them here if you want! 

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Month of March "Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 3:

"Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 3:

Hopefully you were able to find a book to start reading and if you weren’t that's perfectly fine. You can start any step of this project at any time. You don't have to follow the prompts in any kind of order, mix and match if you see fit but try to complete most if not all of the prompts.

Today's prompt is to take a different path to or from work, school, home or where ever it is that you’re headed! We get so use to the same old routine in life that by doing the something’s every day we often miss out on something great. If you live somewhere that does not allow you to take a new route then how about just taking a walk on your lunch break and try walking down a street that you've never been down before! I did this and discovered 2 new cafes that I never knew existed until I took a road less traveled by me! 

Enjoy your adventure as you travel a new path!   

Friday, March 02, 2012

Month of March "Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 2:

"Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 2:

I hope you all enjoyed the fits prompt me photo and I know that you can't just run out and buy a pet if space is limited in your home, you have allergies, or time & money do not permit you to make such a drastic life change so if this prompt was a task you were unable to accomplish, don't worry I have plenty more that won't require such commitment.

Today's prompt is to start reading a book or if you’re already reading a book, make a vow to finish it and start another one. Reading stimulates the mind and is like taking an adventure but without all the flight and hotel booking hassle! I'm currently in the process of reading a book a week or every two weeks (time permitting).  So far it’s proved to be exciting and I'm learning so much! 

“Read until your heart’s content!”

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Month of March "Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 1:

"Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 1:

Over the next week or so I am going to post "Prompt Me" photos that will hopefully prompt you to go out on a limb and try something new in your life. Studies show that embarking on a new adventure or stepping out of your comfort zone can do a lot for your health as well as promote happiness and change your perspective on life and how you respond to things so feel free to join in the Month of March "Prompt Me" photo journey! I hope you learn something new about yourself!

There are 15 challenges in this journey which will help you to rediscover your passions, renew your life and become just a little bit better than before you started!

Adopt a pet or if you already have a pet, spend some one-on-one time with them. Animals promote inner happiness in humans. Also people with pets have reported an overall higher sense of happiness and tend to have longer lives. 

If you live in a small space, a dorm are just do not have the time or money for a pet then why not try a fish, small bird or a hamster. These all demand little time and commitment. Since I don't promote neglecting animals, I would suggest that if you do not have the time to spend with your pet, try getting a plant then take the next step! Other options: Visit a petting zoo, volunteer at an animal shelter and spend time around the animals, or if all else fails, try a Chai-Pet! 

The glory of this project is that you can take the suggestion I offer or you can interpret the photos however you'd like as long as it falls into some similar situation as the items in the photo. 

Good luck!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sometimes we can find beauty where we lest expect it... Take a chance and look outside the box. Look at things with new, fresh eyes and you may find that what you thought to be has been wrong all along...

 Life isn't as complicated as we tend to make it! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We often times get so busy that we can forget the whole purpose that we got out of bed that morning. Try to make some time for yourself even if its only 10 minutes a day. Step outside, take a short walk around the block and regroup mentally and physically. You'll find that nature can be very calming and bring your life into perspective. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Your journey begins when you change your perspective on how you look at a situation. Begin with not asking what can you gain from everything but how can you help and you will start to see things in a new light!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

This past Saturday I went out to pick up some candy for my husband and while on my way to the check out line I ran across a book called The Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life. I read this entire book in about 3 days and now I really want to share some of it with you!

The seven wonders are: 
  • Courage
  • Faith 
  • Truth 
  • Compassion
  • Friendship
  • Family 
  • Common sense (my favorite)
The best part is that we all have access to these wonders we just need to know how to utilize and tap into them a bit better! 
The reason why I like common sense the best is that we all were born with it, its just that we all may not know how to sue it or may push it aside with justifications or excuses and that's when we start getting hurt!

This book really has opened my eyes and helped me to see and understand how to look at things differently. How to forgive and have compassion for my enemies as they may have suffered a great deal and that may be why they are now so angry or mean. If you view those who hurt you in that light, it gives the entire situation a whole new perspective. Instead of hating or disliking that person you now start to have compassion for them and feel sorry for them or start to love them the way that God intended you to.

Long story short. I love this book and recommend it to everyone who is searching for ways to change and new ways to view the world.

I encourage you all to seek out these wonders as another step in inspiration for your life and soul!

Monday, January 30, 2012

I believe these rules can apply to every thing in our lives from our daily work, to our relationships and so on...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Life is already so complicated that we really don't need to beat ourselves up every day over every little thing! We as women face the media telling us we are not thin enough or pretty enough or are not in the right brands or the right style of clothes. That were not making enough money or working in the right field...

Why, with so much pressure from society do we need to put additional pressure on ourselves? I'm not in competition with anyone in this life, only with myself so I don't care what other think! All that matters to me is that I know each day that I woke up, put on my biggest smile, pat myself on the back and went out and did my best! That's it, simple right??

So get ride of those thought of unworthiness, of not being good enough, of not begin this or that and start looking at the beauty that is staring right back at you in the mirror! We are all beautiful in our own ways, sometimes you just need to dust off a few layers of lies others have told you and sure enough, there it is, your inner beauty, just waiting to be discovered!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

"You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever."
                                                                                                                  -Steve Jobs

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

This morning started out bad, really bad! I was running late, I spilled hot chocolate in my brand new car and all over my skirt thus having to turn around and drive all the way back home and change, then I stopped for gas and the machine would not read my credit card so I had to go to another gas station. When I finally arrived at work, terribly late, the door to my department was making this high pitched screeching sound for some  reason and that my friends was how I started my Wednesday!

But as I settled into my desk and looked back over my morning I begin to realize that I had 2 options here: 1.) I could let these random events ruin the rest of my day, have a bad attitude and treat my coworkers like dirt or I could move on, focus on the positives and let the day restart from that moment on!

That’s precisely what I decided to do so I fixed my hair and make-up and decided to put on a smile and see what this Wednesday has up its sleeves, I can take a few tricks!