Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today I want to focus on controlling what you eat and how you eat it. We are considered the largest, fattest and heaviest people in all of the developed countries! America, this is not a good thing to be known for!

But I’m not going to lecture anyone on eating right or controlling your diet because I understand that it’s a personal decision and a personal choice that we all have to make individually and making someone feel bad about how they eat is not why I’m here. However, being someone who recently lost weight on the Weight Watchers program, I do feel like I can offer some help and guidance so feel free to leave a message or email me if you want to talk more privately about this issue.

In the mean time, I will leave you with 2 photo guides because people are very visual and like to see things so here you go, your first step to starting your new eating habits!
What your plate should look like and contain.

The amount of food you should be consuming.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Today we celebrate you! 
 I don’t normally make it a habit to walk around talking about myself because that’s really not my style, but today that’s exactly what I’m going to do, mention something about myself that I love, only because it goes along with today’s focus. 

One thing that I value about myself is my ability to not really care what others think of me or of what I say or do, with the exception of my family of course because I try not to embarrass them and I also care if I hurt someone so I usually don’t go around hurting people and not caring, but I think you get my point that I don’t really care what people think of me or about me. I was given this life and I only get to live if once so I do what makes me happy (as long as it meets to two above guidelines).  I use to worry so much about what people thought of me and one day I just stopped caring, I don’t know how or what prompted it but I just let all my fears go and it was so freeing, so wonderful to just not care anymore. Many people were offended and thought I was rude or that I had an ego but it wasn’t that at all, it was me finally getting out from under years of perceptions that people had created about me and when they finally found out who I really was they couldn’t take the honesty. The truth is most people would much rather be told a lie than to face the truth because it can be ugly or it can hurt or it can really rock someone’s world and I had just hit the stage ready to rock everyone’s world!  

The point I’m making is that today I want you to find 3 things about yourself that you love and value, even if no one else cares about them. All that matters is what you think, remember this is your life so don’t live it how others want you to, live it how you want to. Maybe it’s your freckles or your ears; maybe it’s your big heart or your friendly personality. Maybe it’s how creative you are or how you have to be punctual everywhere you go. It doesn’t matter what it is, what matters is that you love this feature about yourself so celebrate it and try to bring it out more often, disregard what other might think because it’s your life and honestly no matter what you do there will always be one person who has something to say so go ahead and give them something to really talk about and enjoy every moment of it!

Friday, March 18, 2011

5 reason to be happy for today:
1.)     You’re alive!
2.)     People love you
3.)     It’s another chance to start over
4.)     It’s Friday!
5.)     New opportunities come every day! Seize yours!

So rejoice for the day and thank God for giving you the gift of another chance to make a difference in someone life! 

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Today’s focus is forgiveness. Forgiveness is part of the process of healing inside and out. It does not matter if we are forgiving ourselves for something or forgiving others for things they have done to hurt us what matters is we do it. Holding on to pain and hurt will do nothing for us except hold us back from growing into a better person.

For years I held grudges and little did I know it was putting a weight on me that was actually holding me back from physically doing things in life, I was so consumed by what others had done to me that I thought about them all the time, I hated them and was angry inside. I became angry with my husband for no reason but because I was angry with those who had hurt me and it affected my marriage, I didn’t trust others for fear they would hurt me like those I held grudges against.  Finally one day I realized I had to let it go, move on and start living my life as I was supposed to.

Letting go was one of the most freeing things I had ever had! I literally felt a weight removed from me, my mood changed I saw things in a new light and began trusting people again!
Today, find out who you need to forgive, maybe it’s yourself for something your ashamed of, something you wish you had never done and ask God to forgive you and guess what, He will! But on that same token, you have to forgive yourself and move past it, once God has forgive you, it’s washed away forever but if you continue dwelling on it, then you are saying you don’t trust in Him and this thing whatever it is will continue to weigh you down.

If you’re struggling to forgive someone in your life again, ask for God’s help and again He will give you the strength and courage you are looking for to move on. Maybe your seeking closure or need to speak to this person one last time to tell them how they hurt you, or send an email letting them know what they did to you and how it made you feel, but remember tell them you’ve forgiven them. It does not mean you have to be friends or lovers again, but saying these words will actually allow you to let go and move on. It’s a form of closure that helps in the healing process.
You don’t have to speak to this person if you don’t want to but you should try or even sit in a room alone and imagine they are there with you and speak the words out loud that you have been wanting to say to them and remember to say you forgive them at the end. Write a letter to release your pain and finish with “I forgive you”. Rip it up and throw it out.

So today ladies we will forgive ourselves or someone who has hurt us and REALLY forgive them, let it go and move on. Your lives WILL change for the better.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Overcoming Procrastination

This morning I wanted to focus on the aspect of overcoming procrastination in your life. The reason I’m discussing this is because I use to be a procrastinator but with a bit of reformation of my habits and routines I was able to kick this bad habit to the curb!

Procrastinating only makes things worse; instead of utilizing your time wisely you’re putting off things that you could have already finished and in the process wasting valuable time. Secondly, when you finally get around to doing whatever task you’ve been putting off, it’s usually rushed and poorly completed. Consider this, you’re presenting yourself in the work you do and by procrastinating, your work only reflects badly on you as a person. Is this the image you want to deliver to others? By changing your habits and prioritizing things that need to be done first, you eliminate stress and unwarranted worries. There are too many rewards in getting it done now rather than waiting until the very last minute.
So if you’re a procrastinator, this week try to focus on reorganizing your “to-do” list and actually getting things done. Replace delay, worry and panic with time organization, a sense of calm and added free time.

Believe me it’s worth it!
*Start planning and stop daydreaming or delaying. More than likely you’re not choosing the right priorities on your list so rearrange it!
*Stop making excuses or saying, “I’ll do it tomorrow” and DO IT NOW!

Simple steps to change your nasty “put-it- off” habit:
1.       Admit you’re a Procrastinator
a.       -find your weaknesses, T.V., phone call, internet, whatever it is we all have things that suck up our time and cause us to put off what really needs to be done. Steer clear of these things for a few hours.
2.       Create a to-do list and stick to it!
a.       -add in some easy tasks with difficult one so you don’t overwhelm yourself.
b.       -also only add things that absolutely NEED to be done otherwise you may get sidetracked.
c.        -cross off each item as you complete it, this will give you a sense of pride!
3.       Reinvent your attitude and start seeing the brighter side of things.
a.       -find your weaknesses, T.V., phone call, internet, whatever it is we all have things that suck up our time and cause us to put off what really needs to be done.
b.       Need help: visit this site for a free “To-Do” List template