Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Challenges

Today’s challenges are focus on improving our health both mentally and physically.

We all have something going on in our lives that might be causing us to stress out, overeat or lay around all day instead of confronting our problems but none of these things are doing anything positive for our health and well being.  Have the courage to take these problems face on, stop worrying about what isn’t and focus on what is! Sometimes we get so caught up in the negative side of life that we tend to forget all the blessings God is giving us on a daily basis, so today try to do 2 things:

First, watch what you eat, our bodies are a gift from God and he commands that we treat them as a temple so why store a bunch of junk food in your holy temple? Push away your plate before you’re finished, no need to over-do it.  As a snack, eat a piece of fruit or veggies instead of those salty and calorie loaded potato chips or sugary cookies, your body will thank you later! 

Second, life is difficult enough so why are you being so hard on yourself. Examine your life and try to find at least 3 things that are causing you mental distress. Rather its problems in your marriage, problems at work, at school or with friends whatever, it doesn’t matter what it is just try to identify 3. (Writing them out often helps). Now for each item, try to figure out the first step to solving them. Notice I only said THE FIRST STEP. Starting small helps to better tackle a problem and puts your plan of action into perspective by setting and attainable realistic goals.

For example:
1). Trouble with teenage daughter – step 1: will spend more time together
2.) Boss hates me! - step 1. Suck it up but start looking for a new job
3.) Unhealthy family - step 1. Start preparing better meals, after dinner walks 
This is just a general example but it helps if you try to be as specific as possible with the problem you’re having, you can do this by digging deeper into the issues. This will also help you to understand what the root of your issues really is. Sometimes it may not be what you think, for example “Husband is always working, has no time for me” but by really digging deeper you might find you’re suffering from deep seeded thoughts that maybe he’s cheating and you’re afraid to face this so your using the blanket of him “working late” as the top layer issues.  Find the real problem, list it and them list your first plan of action!
So make your lists and also don’t forget the first part of the challenge to start eating healthier!


  1. I. Love. This. Post. I really needed it! I have been stressing over stretching myself to far; worrying about my blog; worrying about too much to do with my students at school; making sure my family is healthy. Time for a plan! Thank you!

  2. I cannot even tell you how exactly in sync this is to what I have been thinking and praying about for the past several days. Thank you for sharing this!

  3. I totally agree about finding out what the problem is. Sometimes, once you can say the problem in a sentence, you feel stupid that you were worrying about it so much!

    Like "I am worried about my speech that needs to be done". Compared to some of your examples, and some of the worries in the world, that is nothing!

    Sometimes, we need to put our life into perspective.

  4. I think 'I will' try doing this. I have had a week off from work and love how less stressed I have been. I crave for that in my normal day to day life and surely working hard to get that will make me happy. Thanks for the inspiration...good luck de stressing :-)

    Just found you from FLOB!!

  5. Found you at FTLOB and I'm glad I did! Great advice in this post. I look forward to reading more!

  6. What a great post! Found you through Comment Love Sunday and I am so excited to see what other advice you have! I'm a big worrier so this blog post was great to read! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Great to see such enthusiasm and focus and feel inspired. Thank you. Shah from the comment love hop. ;D x