Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Today’s focus is forgiveness. Forgiveness is part of the process of healing inside and out. It does not matter if we are forgiving ourselves for something or forgiving others for things they have done to hurt us what matters is we do it. Holding on to pain and hurt will do nothing for us except hold us back from growing into a better person.

For years I held grudges and little did I know it was putting a weight on me that was actually holding me back from physically doing things in life, I was so consumed by what others had done to me that I thought about them all the time, I hated them and was angry inside. I became angry with my husband for no reason but because I was angry with those who had hurt me and it affected my marriage, I didn’t trust others for fear they would hurt me like those I held grudges against.  Finally one day I realized I had to let it go, move on and start living my life as I was supposed to.

Letting go was one of the most freeing things I had ever had! I literally felt a weight removed from me, my mood changed I saw things in a new light and began trusting people again!
Today, find out who you need to forgive, maybe it’s yourself for something your ashamed of, something you wish you had never done and ask God to forgive you and guess what, He will! But on that same token, you have to forgive yourself and move past it, once God has forgive you, it’s washed away forever but if you continue dwelling on it, then you are saying you don’t trust in Him and this thing whatever it is will continue to weigh you down.

If you’re struggling to forgive someone in your life again, ask for God’s help and again He will give you the strength and courage you are looking for to move on. Maybe your seeking closure or need to speak to this person one last time to tell them how they hurt you, or send an email letting them know what they did to you and how it made you feel, but remember tell them you’ve forgiven them. It does not mean you have to be friends or lovers again, but saying these words will actually allow you to let go and move on. It’s a form of closure that helps in the healing process.
You don’t have to speak to this person if you don’t want to but you should try or even sit in a room alone and imagine they are there with you and speak the words out loud that you have been wanting to say to them and remember to say you forgive them at the end. Write a letter to release your pain and finish with “I forgive you”. Rip it up and throw it out.

So today ladies we will forgive ourselves or someone who has hurt us and REALLY forgive them, let it go and move on. Your lives WILL change for the better.


  1. I have a quote about forgiveness. "Forgive your enemies. That is what annoys them most".

    Truly though, forgiveness is a hard gift to master. We can only struggle through it, and keep trying.

  2. Hi, Thank you for posting your comment and you're so right, it took me so long to finally accept and forgive certain people who hurt me and often times, even now when I see them I struggle with fully accepting them and overlooking what they did that hurt me. It's truly a daily process!

  3. Your posts deal with so many things that many of us do not want to face. They are each very thought provoking and well-written.

    I am giving you the "Stylish Blogger" award, for writing with such style! To accept, go to my blog and pick it up!


  4. Great post about forgiveness, it is so true. I heard a good quote that went something like.."Unforgiveness is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die"
    Thanks for sharing...
    popping in from FTLOB!