Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today I want to focus on controlling what you eat and how you eat it. We are considered the largest, fattest and heaviest people in all of the developed countries! America, this is not a good thing to be known for!

But I’m not going to lecture anyone on eating right or controlling your diet because I understand that it’s a personal decision and a personal choice that we all have to make individually and making someone feel bad about how they eat is not why I’m here. However, being someone who recently lost weight on the Weight Watchers program, I do feel like I can offer some help and guidance so feel free to leave a message or email me if you want to talk more privately about this issue.

In the mean time, I will leave you with 2 photo guides because people are very visual and like to see things so here you go, your first step to starting your new eating habits!
What your plate should look like and contain.

The amount of food you should be consuming.


  1. we should all have these posters taped to our fridges!

  2. stopping by from FTLOB!
    That second picture is really scary, but it needs to be seen
    congrats on losing weight :)