Thursday, April 07, 2011

Today's  focus is on relationships that might be strained or may need work in order to repair the hurt or damage from the past.  It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship it is; friendship, marriage, family, co-worker, whatever, it doesn’t matter but what does matter and what is the bottom line here is that you start fixing it now! Tomorrow may never come and your regret will be 10x worse if you put it off. So mind the gaps, rebuild the bridges and work out the kinks. Nothing will ever fix itself,  be honest with yourself during the process because it may take time to fix the relationship but if you make and effort, small changes will occur. Nothing good ever comes overnight. Stop saying “tomorrow and start now! 


  1. stopping by from the blog hop.. i love love love quotes... i am a new follower :)

    Take Care

  2. Your post just arrived at the good time - It is what I need and it is what I am going to do!
    Thank you