Monday, April 11, 2011

Life’s Truths as I have come to know them:     By now most of you have probably had what I like to call your “moment of truth” in life where you ask yourself that age old question of “Is this what my life has turned into?” and if you’re like 90% of the population then you ask yourself this question with very good reason. You probably spent your youth falling in love with all the wrong people, believing you knew everything while rebelling against authority and that’s perfectly fine. But now you’re older, wiser and realize that in fact, you may not really know nearly as much as you thought you did and perhaps you should have learned from other peoples mistakes and saved yourself a whole bunch of trouble but hey, we live and we learn right? 
So for those of us who are still gazing at yourselves in the mirror and wondering when that big moment in our lives will arrive and change everything, remember these truths that I have discovered along this journey I like to call "Life":
                                                                           LIFE'S TRUTHS:
·         Truth #1 Life is by definition a work in progress with the occasional hill to climb, rainy day and of course ray of hope.
·         Truth #2: The grass is never greener when you actually get to the other side. What you have now is just what you need.
·         Truth #3: Life is not a competition so pull into the slow lane and take in the scenery.
·         Truth #4: Never judge a book or person by its cover; you’ll discover that the “plot” might not be what you expected.
·         Truth #5Pay attention to the small things in life, for they might just end up meaning more than the bigger things.
·         Truth #6: Love those around you, one day you might not get a chance to. 
There you have it, the simple truths I have unearthed.  Take them with you or leave them here.

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  1. Great truths expressed with simple words - Agree with everyone of them.
    I definitely take them with me. Thanks for sharing them.