Monday, May 23, 2011

Today I wanted to focus on love and not love in the sense that makes you think of Romeo and Juliet or Valentines Day, roses or even hot dates…  Nope, today I want to talk about a love for things or moments that make your life so much better. Yes, the love we have for family and friends makes our life great but I’m talking about the category of love for the small things that speak to your heart, that some how makes your day so much better and that can it worth getting out of bed for…
Our lives are broken up into small moments and when put together; they all sort of make the bigger picture. There are some moments that are epic and some not so much but in the midst of everything, we find pleasure in the smaller things, some that we absolutely love! For me, watching a sunset on the beach or hearing the rain beat against my window seal on a Sunday afternoon is like no other pleasure in this world…
I am one of those people who actually stops to smell the roses and notice the birds nest in the tree in my front yard.  Or takes the time to small the wind as it blows on my face. I love life and it’s because I take notice to these free gifts that I am such a joyous person!
When the weather first started to change, I remember seeing the very first flower of the season and feeling a wonderful sense of joy! It was purple and so tiny but to me it represented something so much bigger and held so much beauty. These are the things I refer to when I say “the love of things that make our lives so much better”.
If you’re a person who rarely finds time for the little things of life maybe it’s about time you did.  Doing this not only opens your eyes to new experiences but it also makes your day so much better.
Challenge for today: Find at least one thing that you love, one small thing that made you smile, maybe you heard a bird sing in the morning or perhaps it was a rainbow after a storm. Maybe it was the smell of flowers or some other small thing…  It doesn’t matter what it is, but it matters that you take notice.
Just start to pay attention and you will discover a world that you have been too busy to be a part of! Smile when you have this experience and enjoy the moment while you can!

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