Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What Was, Was:

I'm sure your wondering what I mean by this and well its pretty simple. If your reading this, it means that you've been given a second chance, a second chance to live another day, to right a wrong, to move on and forget the past. You have been granted entry beyond the velvet ropes into the party called "LIFE".

Today and most importantly, every day, make a commitment to throw away you security blankets or blame. Its too easy to blame instead of looking at yourself as the cause. Throw that blame away, along with your fear, self doubt, self destruction, and hopelessness. Instead replace it with confidence, optimist, clarity and consideration to the feelings of others.

So ask your self this, "what pain are you willing to release today?" and "What pleasures are you willing to embrace?"

This will help you clear away your cobwebs of uncertainty from your past.


  1. Great post and great words...I needed them

  2. :-)

    I love this blog! I was reading back through some of the older posts the other day and it inspired to take action about something. Keep blogging!

  3. Hi Missy,

    I'm glad to hear you like my blog, that's always encouragement for me! Thanks and stop back by sometime!

  4. Check here there is an award waiting fro you