Wednesday, January 04, 2012

This morning started out bad, really bad! I was running late, I spilled hot chocolate in my brand new car and all over my skirt thus having to turn around and drive all the way back home and change, then I stopped for gas and the machine would not read my credit card so I had to go to another gas station. When I finally arrived at work, terribly late, the door to my department was making this high pitched screeching sound for some  reason and that my friends was how I started my Wednesday!

But as I settled into my desk and looked back over my morning I begin to realize that I had 2 options here: 1.) I could let these random events ruin the rest of my day, have a bad attitude and treat my coworkers like dirt or I could move on, focus on the positives and let the day restart from that moment on!

That’s precisely what I decided to do so I fixed my hair and make-up and decided to put on a smile and see what this Wednesday has up its sleeves, I can take a few tricks!

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  1. Brilliant! If this doesn't capture the essence of seeing beautiful, I don't know what does! Every second is a second chance to reevaluate the day. Your post just completely inspired me.

    Happy seeing beautiful!