Thursday, February 10, 2011

Recently I've received a few emails from readers suggesting that I focus my blog on Inspiring and Empowering other women. I didn't really think that this was the right focus for my blog at this time but then I thought long and hard and reviewed my own life and the journey I have had.  I struggled with the idea of talking so freely about my personal experiences but then I was reminded of something that I've always wanted to do and that was to help people. I never knew how or to what extent I would do this, all I knew was that I had a desire and a passion to help in some kind of way.

Last night, I thought more about the idea of inspiring girls and women and empowering them to live their best life possible, "Could I do this, did I have what it took to help these ladies?"

Right now, I don't know but I really want to try and I'm willing to take this adventure head on. So within the next few days and weeks you will see changes and updates being made to my blog. I'll be focusing on topics that inspire and empower girls and women, I'll be providing personal development posts which will be largely based on my own life, lessons I've learned and research I've done or information I have obtained from professionals.

During my life I have overcome bulimia, depressions, abuse, suicidal thoughts/attempts and so many others issues. I was always ashamed to talk about these things mainly because people close to me made me feel ashamed but then I realized that I had overcame all of this for a reason, an important reason and I could use these experiences to help others realize that there is a rainbow at the end of every storm and a light after every dark day. Life can be inspiring and can be lived out in the best way possible!

Additional experience includes working within peer-groups or teens and young women to help support those who struggle with life and all it's pressures.

I believe all of this experience will aide me in my quest to help others.


  1. Looking forward to reading more from you! I found you on the Thursday blog hop :)

  2. I think this is a great idea! How awesome that you are willing to help other women out there! We need to all be there for each other!


  3. ~~You must talk about these things. This empowers women. All Women!

    We must know that we are not alone!

    :) Kim

  4. Hello! I'm your newest follower and I believe in what you are doing will help empower, encourage, and inspire other women. Looking forward to reading more. My blog is totally random. But I try to encourage as much as I can and believe in paying it forward.

  5. Hi: I am a male skirt setter and have suffered in the past about depression, anxiety, panic and ADD. I also am a full time 24/7 care giver to my elderly dad, (he's 90 years young) I joined because I wanted to help, empower, encourage other woman because I feel that some woman are treated like second class citizens, should get the same pay for the same job worked, pro choice, and I am a male feminist. How did you ever get over your depression and /or anxiety/panic , etc. disorder?

    Maybe you could dedicate a blog on how you can to be and survived your plight from chemicial imbalances in your life.

  6. Hello Geo58, Thank you for your comment! Getting over may of the issues I dealt with took many years, a lot of soul searching, talking with Therapists and digging deeper into my relationship with God. This combination helped me to move past many of these things. Of course they are never completely gone, I work at the recovery of them on a daily basis but for the past few years I have been completely free of these things. I live by the fact that soul searching and finding a true love for yourself and within yourself is key in the recovery process. I like your idea about the blog post devoted to surviving these life altering problems. Thank you for your comments and I'm happy to hear from you any time! Best of luck in your current life journey!