Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Month of March "Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 6:

"Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 6:

Excited to see what new journey you'll be taking today? Well, this entire process is learning more about yourself and what you want to do, what makes you happy and what you may not like. Life has an interesting way of making us think that the life we're living is the life we want but that's only because we may just be so sue to the routine of it that we never really stopped to consider if we're actually happy!? Humans by nature need structure and a set pattern but that does not mean that we can't change and add to that routine! I personally hate routines and need change in order to fully be happy which is why I created this project, I know I'm not alone in this hate for change so I wanted to get you all thinking about your own lives and how you could change things and make existence that much better!

Today's "Prompt Me" photo is to cook a great meal! Don't worry if it’s just you who will be eating it, that doesn't matter, all that matters is that you’re not ordering take-out or popping a microwave dinner in! Coking can stimulate your soul and help to release stress and aids in the creative process. We as Americans eat out far too often, New Yorker's use their stoves as a storage location for crying out loud! I'm guilty of it myself, popping in a quick meal in the microwave while I do ten others things is just not healthy!  If you don't know how to cook, don't stress, there are way too many easy and quick recipes online and in magazines these days so start with something simple like Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo or a great grilled cheese sandwich with Goat cheese avocados and bacon! 

“Eating is a joy, sharing a home cooked meal with the ones you love creates a whole new experience that you can't get while ordering take-out and eating in front of the TV!”

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