Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Month of March "Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 7:

“Prompt Me” Photos Day 7:

Still hearing raves about that home cooked meal you made! Great because this journey is meant to take you to places you never thought you'd venture into, like the kitchen!! Maybe you found a joy in the time you spent cooking and now you want to cook 3 times a week or maybe you almost burned the house down and will never cook again but look at it this way, you have a great story to tell at parties and you can now say that you've made a home cooked meal so your two for two! That's what all of this is about, figuring out what clicks and sticks and what brings out the worst in you! We don't often know ourselves as much as we'd like to think we do!

Today's "Prompt Me" photo is to spend the day with yourself!  Boring you say? Well maybe you’re a people person and you love to be with others but let me tell you something, spending time along is really the only way you will ever get to know who you are and what you like, it’s very therapeutic for the soul! People are great and it's nice to have friends and family to spend time with but if you're never really by yourself, how do you know if you really like going bowling or hitting up that Greek spot you always meet your friends at? Maybe you’re doing it because everyone else thought it would be fun so tot be agreeable you just went along with the crowd. Time spend alone is valuable and teaches us how to make decisions on our own about the things that most make us happy! 

If you have a family or children and find it difficult to find time alone then create a time at night when you require 30 minutes of "me time" tell your family that you need this time and ask that they be understanding, if they love you, they will. If you’re a working single parent and this is out of the question, then how about instead of going to lunch with the girls/guys, go by yourself, take a book along or just go and linger, think quietly and eat in peace! 

“It's a mini vacation away from your life, responsibilities and will allow you to feel refreshed!”

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