Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Month of March "Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 14:

"Prompt Me" Photos Day 14:

So we are nearing the final days of our journey together and it has been a wonderful ride for me and I hope for you a well! I've learned somethings about myself and explored ares that I had forgotten all about! I've walked narrow paths, seen the beauty in life and hugged my dog every day just to show her I appreciate her devotion and love for me! This has been one heck of a trip, one that I don't plan to forget anytime soon!

Feel free to share your stories and adventures as well as your downfalls and how you overcame them here!

Today's prompt is another learning adventure! I have always wanted to learn yoga so I started taking yoga classes! It was something that was hard for me to do at first because I fear failure which is why it's taken me over a decade to actually sit down and write a novel! 

Attempting to take a class or learning how to do something that you have been too frightened to do will mean more to you than actually accomplishing it, though I fully promote you sticking with it and not giving up! What I mean by just attempting it is that we all have those things in our lives that we wonder "what if" about, so find one of those things and cross it off your list. What if I learned to speak Spanish, what if I had never given up gymnastics, what if I quit my job and started a catering company? These are things that people who never try will always wonder about so don't be a wanderer... Get out there and see just what it's like! 

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