Thursday, March 15, 2012

Month of March "Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 15:

Final "Prompt Me" Photo Day 15: 

Wow, this is is, our last photo prompt! After so many prompts, you should be ready for this last one! I'm going to keep it short and sweet and not too wordy but you know writers, we love to talk and write!

So take some time to reflect over these last 15 days or if you did the journey over your own time frame which I suspect most of you are. Not all of these tasks can be completed with one day's notice! It may take months or even a year but I would recommend you do complete them.

The last and final "Prompt Me" Photo is to learn how to live life with an attitude that says you love life and all that is has to offer!  This may be difficult because it requires you to let go of hold hang-ups, relinquish your fears and often to step out on a  ledge, to share your thoughts, open your heart and express your emotions, understand that its not always important to win every argument, fight or bicker but that forgiveness is far greater a trait. Far too many of us would rather bottle every life's difficulties, yell and scream until we get our way and then go to bed mad! 

You may need some time and practice with this one but by make small changes to your perspective on life and how you choose to live it, you will discover that life can be grand, smiles come by the millions and the best things in life are free! 

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