Thursday, March 08, 2012

Month of March "Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 8:

“Prompt Me” Photo Journey - Day 8:

We've been on this journey together for 8 days now and though that might not seem like a long time, it’s been long enough to at least discover 1 thing about yourself!  If you need to start over or redo a prompt day, that's fine and great!  Challenging yourself will be a lesson in itself!  And remember that my photo prompts can be interpreted anyway you'd like!  Take my suggestions or go another route, the important thing is to use the photos provided to promote some sort of change in your life!

Today's photo prompt is to plan a brunch or lunch with friends, family or co-workers!  Now that you've had time alone, go spend some much needed time with your loved one or those you can at least stand!  Talking and eating are wonderful but doing them together with people who make us laugh makes it all worth it! So your task for today is to plan a brunch, lunch, dinner or cocktail or afternoon tea meet-up! 

I have a friend who plans a monthly brunch at her home and invite all her close friends and family, the only stipulation was that each person had to agree to bring one thing and they all gathered in the kitchen, cooked, drink a bit a wine and laughed... It often times tuned into an all day event but no need to go that far unless you’re having too much fun to stop!  If you live in a dorm or in a small place then just call ahead and reserve a table for brunch!  

“Spending time with others create laughter and joy! Enjoy those who love you and love them back!”

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