Friday, March 09, 2012

Month of March "Prompt Me" Photo Journey Day 9:

"Prompt Me" Photo Journey - Day 9:

This journey has taken us up  all sorts of interesting hills and allowed us to defeat battles within and around our current self's and in our lives, but all for the good! I'm right there with you taking every prompt as seriously as I hope you are! It's inspiring to know we are not alone and we can depend on each other, you can post your stories, share your insights and lessons learned along the way, that's what I'm here for! So your last prompt was sorta fun and since I just posted it yesterday I don't expect that you all have been able to complete this already but when you do, here's a tip! Combine the prompt to from a few weeks ago and try cooking something for your guests if your hosting a brunch/lunch/dinner at your home!

That takes care of 2 prompts at once and if it turns out badly, just let them know your on a journey and this was one of the tasks assigned, feel free to pull up my site and show them for proof! They'll totally let it slide and you'll be off the hook! But let's hope for the best and assume that if you do cook, and that everything will be fabulous!

Today's promote is to Go Green and just in time for St. Patty' Day next week!   Plant a tree or even better, go out and pick up a small household plant to place in your room, kitchen office or anywhere you'd like.  Not only do plants provide fresh oxygen but they liven up a dull desk or work space. I have 2 plants on my desk at work. Just their presence makes me feel so much better during a long and hectic day! If you don't have a place at home or the office for your plant then here's an idea, locate a nearby park or space that has trees and plants and try to visit this space each day. In a study,  residents of a high rise apartment building with a view of greenery reported a higher feeling of overall happiness and satisfaction in life and in their place of residence whereas residences with no view or a view of other buildings reported feeling a lower quality in life.  How interesting is that! We are all part of nature and it helps us improve our moods and feelings!

"Plants don't take as much efforts to keep alive as pets do so why not shot for a Bamboo or bonsai tree!"

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